thought i should update this. will just stick my gigs up for now... sorry there aren't many of them. i'm mainly writing my radio show at the moment.

january 19th - wilton's music hall
fabulous venue, and it's free!

january 22nd - de luxe comedy
hosting chortle's new gig at the luxe.

february 4th - voices in your head
mental, dark and hilarious improv.

february 11th - #acms
no explanation. it will sell out.

february 19th onwards! - coalition
the london run of coalition. it's gonna be super.


edinburgh twenty twelve.

well. hello.

i should probably tell you what i am doing in edinburgh this year. i am doing three shows. which is too much, but they are all going to be an amazing amount of fun.

they are:

Pleasance Dome, 14.00
A play about the imagined demise of the Con-Dem Coalition government. I play the leader of the Liberal Democrats in a stunning cast including Phill Jupitus, Simon Evans, Jo Caulfield & Alistair Barrie.


Thom Tuck Flips Out
Pleasance Dome, 20.10
My new stand-up show about masculinity, personhood and gymnastics.


Thom Tuck Goes Straight-to-DVD
Cabaret Voltaire, 10.05
My award-losing show from last year, now for free! Expect some messing around and possibly a special guest.

free, so turn up early.


and, apparently...

...i was in the sun last week. as something or other for 2012. anyone have a copy?

the imminent death

today is a wednesday. the first wednesday of 2012: the year that may (mayan not) be that of our destruction. one thing is for certain, the #acms is dead. long live the #acms. the next show will be our last at the New Red Lion, which is the only home the venue has ever known. come one, come all, to watch its death throes.

we will poke around in its entrails and throw them on the fire. it will rise again. how, and when, are questions we do not yet know the answers to. there is an ongoing (and vitriolic) email between the board members on the future of our precious baby. will baby go to college? should we have set some money aside in case it never amounts to anything and wants to move back in? will it take care of us in our old age? not necessarily financially, but wiping up our ancient comedy drool. we all know this metaphor has gone on too far. but never quitting in the face of a certain ending is what the #acms is all about. it's in its DNA, that we gave to it, because it is our baby.

in other news, i am doing ten minutes with matthew crosby next week (details right) to celebrate him allowing me to. it is going to be new material. well, newish. well, there will be some new bits. i think. i am going to sit down with a massive piece of paper now. it will definitely be about dick-swinging, economics and not being a fightyman.


play in music

well. it has been an inordinately long time since i have posted. sorry.

during august, every day i was performing my show at the edinburgh festival. it was the first time a show was 100% mine: writing, performing, directing. it was just me and my excellent producer lucy. funnily enough, though, one of the things i was most excited about was being in charge of the music before and after the show. it's an important decision, and one that isn't always given the requisite amount of thought. it sets the tone for the audience as they are coming in and sends them out into the world in a very specific mood. for all the penny dreadfuls' shows we have had the brilliant neil hobbs picking the tunes. and he always got it right.

but, this time, it was all up to me. how exciting. i am a phenomenal bore when it comes to music. i love it, and will never stop banging on about what i am currently listening to, be it hall and oates, ethiopian jazz, ryan adams or wynonie harris. i am the kind of douche who will usurp the stereo at a party in seconds. i will probably play good music, but you'll resent the speed at which i have taken over.

so, because my show was quite odd, i knew i had to pick songs that were a little unusual. they had to be songs that no-one else would use at the start of their show. so, the song i went for was this:

it is from the prince movie purple rain. it is a phenomenal film for two reasons. one, the music. two, it's a semi-autobiographical film and prince has written himself as an total arsehole. it's hilarious. either he has an incredible amount of self-awareness or none.

but the reason i chose this song is because of the breakdown which comes about two thirds in. it really needs the buildup in the song and is really helped if you can see the video. he really means it, that prince, doe'n't he? well, basically, that would always be the final song that played before i did my show. it's pretty intense. and i would be backstage doing all the prince moves as little warmup, trying not to sing too loudly. it's an appropriate way to set the tone for a weird show about love, i think.

and the playout music was this.


slä-pē sɛkənds

as a thursday rolls around and i realise that i have not updated my blog for a while i recall that thursdays are the days i talk about games. and then i had a wee flashback. a couple of weeks ago i was interviewed by the lovely jay richardson for (scottish arts magazine) the list. he texted me to say that he was going to ring me slightly later than agreed because he was trying to get his head round "my insane card game post". oops.

i think one is supposed to use a blog for flagrant self-promotion but, while there will be a degree of that, i don't really see the point in not actually writing about anything but oneself. there is, of course, an argument that all writing is about oneself. my counter to this is "cat sat on mat". that's definitely about a cat. (he's on a mat in a sitting position). but, regardless of its stupefying effect on comedy journos, i will plough on regardless!

so, today i will be discussing another poker variant wot i made up. i made it up years ago (probably seven) with a friend called kerri. it's called sloppy seconds and it's monstrously silly. first of all you need to know how to play poker. if you don't, go away and come back after you are basically there. second, it is a five-card draw game. we all cool? ok... you look at your five cards and decide on which two cards (and only two) that you are going to pass to the left. then you reassess and swap two with the deck. twos are wild. can you see how mental this game is already? TWO mandatory swaps of TWO cards and TWO is wild. sloppy seconds.

on new year's eve, i made everybody play a hand of this for a fiver. bruce took home £35. brilliant. stupid, yet brilliant.

and on a shameless self-promotion front: my show in edinburgh.


m to the you [sic]

hullo the interwebs,

just a quick one, really, as i need to be doing some writing for my solo show (thom tuck goes straight-to-dvd). i've performed it a few times now (not enough, according to my agent). and it's gone well. it's still monster short, so i've got lots to do.

am experimenting with some structural changes!

during the meanwhilst here are me gigs in the next wee while (april 2011):
  • the fifth : will be the third meeting of the alternative comedy memorial societ (or, the captain planet repertory theatre company). it's fun, and kevin eldon is on. tickets http://bit.ly/gUtLZ5.
  • the sixth : a bit (possibly a new bit) at the ransom club at leicester square theatre.
  • the fifteenth : a gig in a bookshop (big green books in wood green).
  • the nineteenth (a) : tiernan's mighty fat tuesday, and...
  • the nineteenth (b) : the fourth meeting of the above #ACMS.
  • the twenty first : compering for robin and partridge at one of their crazy gigs, man.
  • the twenty second : colin hoult's new adventures was a lovely gig last time. the theme this time is very exciting (i'm not sure if i'm allowed to say or not, but i'm writing something especially for it).
  • the thirtieth : my solo show. in wales! http://bit.ly/eLs9LV.
ok. go away now.