edinburgh twenty twelve.

well. hello.

i should probably tell you what i am doing in edinburgh this year. i am doing three shows. which is too much, but they are all going to be an amazing amount of fun.

they are:

Pleasance Dome, 14.00
A play about the imagined demise of the Con-Dem Coalition government. I play the leader of the Liberal Democrats in a stunning cast including Phill Jupitus, Simon Evans, Jo Caulfield & Alistair Barrie.


Thom Tuck Flips Out
Pleasance Dome, 20.10
My new stand-up show about masculinity, personhood and gymnastics.


Thom Tuck Goes Straight-to-DVD
Cabaret Voltaire, 10.05
My award-losing show from last year, now for free! Expect some messing around and possibly a special guest.

free, so turn up early.

1 comment:

  1. so. i really want to see both. however i am yet again mostly-out-of-the-country-for-fringe. i return to edinburgh 8pm on Saturday 25th. having got off a plane from New Zealand. Which makes Coalition unlikely (boo!) although i might manage your solo show on monday (means coming back from glasgow for the night though.)

    i suppose i might have enough brain on Sunday lunchtime. Ponder.

    perhaps you could arrange to win lots of prizes such that there might be some extra performances that I could get tickets to?