m to the you [sic]

hullo the interwebs,

just a quick one, really, as i need to be doing some writing for my solo show (thom tuck goes straight-to-dvd). i've performed it a few times now (not enough, according to my agent). and it's gone well. it's still monster short, so i've got lots to do.

am experimenting with some structural changes!

during the meanwhilst here are me gigs in the next wee while (april 2011):
  • the fifth : will be the third meeting of the alternative comedy memorial societ (or, the captain planet repertory theatre company). it's fun, and kevin eldon is on. tickets http://bit.ly/gUtLZ5.
  • the sixth : a bit (possibly a new bit) at the ransom club at leicester square theatre.
  • the fifteenth : a gig in a bookshop (big green books in wood green).
  • the nineteenth (a) : tiernan's mighty fat tuesday, and...
  • the nineteenth (b) : the fourth meeting of the above #ACMS.
  • the twenty first : compering for robin and partridge at one of their crazy gigs, man.
  • the twenty second : colin hoult's new adventures was a lovely gig last time. the theme this time is very exciting (i'm not sure if i'm allowed to say or not, but i'm writing something especially for it).
  • the thirtieth : my solo show. in wales! http://bit.ly/eLs9LV.
ok. go away now.