certain photographs of yourself can set up camp in your brain. they stand for moments, thoughts and images.

while at university, i was heavily involved in the bedlam theatre. it's a fantastic place. due to a series of coincidences and contingencies, i was only really cast in comic roles. i wasn't unduly stressed by this, as i enjoy being funny. but, i did (and do) harbour ambitions as a real actor. my opportunity came about when an ex-girlfriend cast me as jesus. which isn't as twisted as it sounds. cj is (and always was) an artist and the show was an (overlong in retrospect) version of the york cycle of the mystery plays.
eli, eli lema sabacthani
the show was good, and the crucifixion exceptionally bloody. i released four different bodily fluids onto the stage every performance (sweat, spit, tears and vomit). one day, i came offstage after being up on the cross and was snapped by david. i think it was the last night of the show and we had used all the blood we had left.when i look back at the photo, i smile. it stands for the moment i was allowed to do a bit of acting at last, and for the six years i spent in edinburgh in general. but most of all, i think i look cool.

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  1. i've always thought that was a particularly wonderful photo of you. Gladdened to hear the story behind it.