the ACMS (or, the CPRTC)

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dear interwebs. today is a wednesday. wednesday is about comedy. and i have been spending an inordinate amount of my time doing admin for a new comedy night what i am doing. it is going to be bonkers. the show itself has a long and off-putting name:
The Alternative Comedy Memorial Society
(or, The Captain Planet Repertory Theatre Company)
and this is deliberate. it's not going to be a straightforward evening's entertainment. we have gone through quite a few possible taglines for the show; we need something that really communicates that this isn't your usual comedy night. we did (well, i did) consider "fresh sisyphean comedy". but noone apart from me thinks that that is funny.

when (john-) luke roberts and i first decided to amalgamate the comedy nights we were both thinking of starting in order to halve the workload, it was way back in august. we had ideas a-plenty to shove into a night, comedian friends a-plenty to do the gig but, crucially, no venue. it has taken us over six months to find a venue that is interesting and, more importantly, interested in the gig. (when i was running tom:foolery in escape bar in soho, they couldn't give a fuck with wings). so, i'm delighted to announce our partnership with the new red lion theatre in angel. it's a delightful space, well kitted out and pretty easy to get to.
the venue, at least, will be accessible!
we've now started booked (read "herding") comedians for the shows up until may. we've got some exciting people lined up. and everyone who is coming is going to try out something risky or mental or noble or all three. we've also got some regular sections:
  • will andrews has a thing on his head
  • please welcome jesus christ
  • old joke new joke
  • captain planet interactive repertory theatre
  • the musical
  • the most hilarious taste in the world
well. that's probably enough tantalising info for now. the first one is on march the eighth. get yer tickets now.
A failure! A noble failure!

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