the imminent death

today is a wednesday. the first wednesday of 2012: the year that may (mayan not) be that of our destruction. one thing is for certain, the #acms is dead. long live the #acms. the next show will be our last at the New Red Lion, which is the only home the venue has ever known. come one, come all, to watch its death throes.

we will poke around in its entrails and throw them on the fire. it will rise again. how, and when, are questions we do not yet know the answers to. there is an ongoing (and vitriolic) email between the board members on the future of our precious baby. will baby go to college? should we have set some money aside in case it never amounts to anything and wants to move back in? will it take care of us in our old age? not necessarily financially, but wiping up our ancient comedy drool. we all know this metaphor has gone on too far. but never quitting in the face of a certain ending is what the #acms is all about. it's in its DNA, that we gave to it, because it is our baby.

in other news, i am doing ten minutes with matthew crosby next week (details right) to celebrate him allowing me to. it is going to be new material. well, newish. well, there will be some new bits. i think. i am going to sit down with a massive piece of paper now. it will definitely be about dick-swinging, economics and not being a fightyman.

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