Dear The Interwebs,

______________ it is a snowy day where i sit, starting this blog. i have, on other occasions, attempted to kindle in myself the blogging spirit; i have been found wanting. this time, i want to make good on my promises to myself and actually write every day. well, every weekday. the purpose being, à la richard of herring, to warm up the brain muscles before a day of writing.

i have an idea that each day should bring its own thing to the party: monday could be games day, tuesday recipes and wednesday discussion of post-lacanian film criticism. hopefully, these threads will start to intertwine to some degree and help me - and, hell, you too - understand what i am on about.

the overall idea is to write a book. obviously most of the bollocks that gets inserted forcibly into this e-thereal notepad will be irrelevant. see if you can spot the joins.

i'll be back when i've decided what wednesdays (is it wednesday? no. it is thursday.) will be.

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