i am not a great snapper

but i enjoy the process. the blog will, i should imagine, come to be a lot about process: rules, functions, boundaries & games. and language. i meant today to take some photos and choose one about which to comment: perhaps explaining the shot or the circumstances. it is, however, christmas day and i have mostly been busy being bastard-fat.

fridays will involve, it has been decided, one and only one photo. above is a nice photo i took in sicily - somewhere near siracusa but i forget where. it was a lovely old town dominated by these monstrous sandstone churches towering over the general deprivation of every other street.

to pretend like i know what i'm on about: i like the composition of the photo; it communicates; they are bells. yes. yes, they are.


*the photo at the top of the blog itself is cropped from my new headshot by queen idil sukan (del rio).

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