and so, like god said, on the seventh day i will rest. and now monday hoves into view... on twitter, there is a hashtag called #musicmonday. the twits (or twats, like david cameron) all give their views and recommendations on musics we should all listen to. in addition, it's that time of the year when critics give us their top ten lists. christ on cheese i love top ten lists! it's like crack for the opinion glands. the very awesome (& useful) website metacritic has a list of top tens. the only way that that could be more my cup of tea would be if they ranked the lists themselves; they would be truly living up to their name.

last year (2008) i had a very clear idea of what my favourite albums of the year were. i have mentioned them previously, but i will do so again. alas i cannot swim (spotify link) by the young english folkie and superb lyricist, laura marling. the album is almost flawless and very idiosyncratic but missing an excellent single (new romantic) with an equally well executed video (youtube link). very excitingly, her new album is being produced by ethan johns of heartbreaker fame and is out in march 2010.

the second album i loved last year was boxer (spotify link) by brooklyn band the national. it is a brooding, compulsive darkness of a record that has drums that propel the songs forward relentlessly while the singer's languid baritone intones tales of loss, regret and dancing. it's well good on earphones too.

third... play this. yes, that's three kids busking with video killed the radio star. and yes, those instruments are mandolin, harp and double bass. that's how i first came across them... how could you not love that? the band are called the wrong trousers (chilling moment of realisation about quite how young they are came when i was watching an interview of theirs and they described the wallace and gromit feature they are named after as "an old claymation movie") and are from san diego. they self released their only album so far, one and counting, and i strongly urge you to get it. hopefully they'll make a second if enough people get it.

i suppose i'll list my favourite stuff of 2009 next monday, but it certainly isn't as clear cut a decision. is it sacrilege to not really like merriweather post pavilion yet?

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  1. Not really sacrilege to not be wowed by Merriweather Post Pavilion. I thought it was fine, and 'My Girls' is a good song, but not overwhelming.

    See also: Veckatimest.