hullo interwebs. forgive me if my spelling is poor or i am prolix. i'm a bottle of wine in.

sorry this is late. i, along with the rest of clan tuck, have been celebrating pater's birthday. compounding my tardiness is indecision about what i should write. i put out the call on twitter which also updates my facebook status, and got a number of replies. i thought, in the spirit of interaction, i'd do them quickly first.

1. food, obviously
this suggestion comes courtesy of helen. thanks, helen. i'm a massive foodie. (i suppose that's a way of saying i'm fat - but i don't just like any old bollocks). i do most of the cooking for my girlfriend and me, and enjoy it massively. i think anyone who doesn't has got too much money or too little sense.

2. me?
this came from mr tom lorcan ne barber. what would i write about him? how much of a SLAG he is? i think not.

3. hats. because hats rock.
they do indeed. i have many, many hats. i've been told that my first hat i stole from a shop in kandy (sri lanka) and my mum had to go back and pay for it. i strongly believe that my idiosyncratic hat choices got me elected as president of my sixth form college as well as "most unpredictable male" in high school. my hats have, sadly, been toned down a wee bit since the vastly garish nepali felt things i used to wear, but they remain very important to me.

4. theatre? an interesting memory? art?
from @lozopus on das twitters. i will take them v quickly as there are three. theatre? best show i've ever seen is the trackers of oxyrhynchus by tony harrison at the west yorkshire playhouse by northern broadsides (my favourite company. probably.). an interesting memory? my mother didn't believe i had pneumonia; she told me to shut up and go back to bed. art? ah! this draws all three together. my first theatre piece since leaving school (where i had written two) was called one more layer of skin (five points for the song from which that's a quote) and was about art.

5. super random stuff
fish fish eight remote fish leprechaun yellow alan, ALAN, ALAAAAN. the crab has lost. one two three wisky.

6. what i meant to write about

ok. so i meant to write about language. i only really had three things to say: a joke that doesn't quite work; a question; and a theory.

the joke is roughly thus: i went to florence. i didn't have enough money to get there, though. so i did jobs for people who would give me lifts. i was working myself into firenze. the reason for the joke is that when my girlfriend went to copenhagen recently (yes. for that.) i told her that it was actually called københavn, because i am a prick and i happened to have lived there. she said it didn't matter. and we couldn't quite come to an amicable conclusion but i think the joke makes the point well. firenze means the floral (or flourishing) city and, so, florence is a fair enough name. but copenhagen is just an ignorant mispronunciation; we make fun of americans who say EDinBURRG... so the question is thus: am i being a douche?

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